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by D.L.O. the Iceman

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PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act). Based on the Quality Improvement process created by Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Music helps me learn new things so I decided to share what I've discovered in a song.


Verse one
Elijah Muhammad got me eating to live
Supreme Knowledge got me hustling how to win
I never put trust in a hands of shallow man
I stand like a Shepard with a mic, leading cattle man, I'm travelin'
the World venturin', family man
Im' Far from perfect,but got plans to expand and overstand
Kenyatta Kaizen,
Artist of improvement,
Dr. Deming flow
Six Sigma movement
Wack is wack, and I don't care who you cool wit
Just keep it calm and traquil like a Buddhist
Congress do anything for a dollar like Judas,
no matter if they black, white, Christian or Jewish.
The truest path for you life requires sacrifice ,
Blood,sweat, tears and Overcoming fears
Separating from your peers, so you can see clear,
Oh yo on the non-sense?, Naw man, I'm good here


Plan, Do, Check and Act
Strategize, Make a stack
Re-invest, Bring it back
duplicate the format

Plan, Do, Check and Act/
Have a goal, Make a map/,
Navigate the path, teach the fam (family)
Let em hold that

(Repeat Chorus)

I've grown to,forget about the past and making judgments,
The covenant,I'm sharing with my family keeps me running/
Usain Bolt/,I'm trying to find a way up out the slave boat
While sitting in these meetings wit these people saying fakes quotes,
I lay low(Lalo) like Schfrin, I stay on something different
Homeowner from cotton picking like my grand mother
She had a 4th grade education, I find that so amazing
To break the theory of constraints is my motivation
It's going down like the dollar during inflation
Everytime I'm speaking in a presentation
I spit the truth and watch the people act terse
They' re just accustomed to vibing out with a wack verse
Control charts in my soul, I test the upper limits
With no gimmicks like the white Jesus image
Wackness is a thought, can make the whole brain hemorrhage
But I spit white blood cells in your vein to fight the sickness

Bare witness


released June 14, 2013
Produced /Mixed by D.L.O. the Iceman for Iceman Productions
Lyrics by B.Thomas


all rights reserved



D.L.O. the Iceman Madison


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