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by dumate crew

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Verse one, DLO:

My anger is justified, many of us have died
And been incarcerated, just for trying to survive.
Protest? I'm thinking Teflon vest
We peaceful march while cops continue to blast techs
Laying black people to rest, slug up in ya chest
Life taken away before potential manifest
While we pray to God but never seem to get an answer
Institutionalize racism is striking like cancer
Shooting us with hand ups,
Knee in the back while on the ground
Reach for your wallet and catch 44 rounds
Choking us until the last breath
and then the jury meet and justified the cold death
Stop and frisk, being black shouldn't be a risk
They play our lives useless like a compact disk,
We shall overcome, silenced by a gun
Amazing grace being made by a racist thug
The brainwashing is deep yall
Knocking off the feet
Willie Lynch is the protocol
Till the blood stop like menopause
I'm arming up like Winston
Churchill then I'm benching
wait for it? No I'm taking that
Freedom without permission
You can say that I'm upset
You can say I'm pissed off
And you damn right,
I'm sick and tired of my people getting hauled off
Continuous holocaust, legalized by the system
Then you lock up the camera man for documenting the vision,
I should grab a weapon like Christopher Columbus
Let the canon spray and make it a holiday
Rest in peace to the souls,
That never got to glow,
that's six feet below,
Where the magnets eat ya toes,

Verse two, Dudu Stinks:

Wrong place right time
Last spoken words can't breath
White lies choke me to death
With a brown face like mine
Lots overheard but can't see
Black lives get no respect
He put hands in his pockets
Resisting arrest
I feared for my life tussle then put two in his chest
Symptomatic of a larger disease
The white man is sick in clear view
Every ten seconds
check my rear view
Seething underneath
But my shell is so clam
If you scream they can't hear you
Most times he invisible
Unless he's thought criminal
Trust is on minimal
The messages subliminal
Black folks this pitiful
Country of cloned cynical
takes news literal
Think cops invincible
Unless you’re physical or lyrical
Or entertain you need miracles
The denial of truth is so pivotal
Villainize what the news do
Dirty cops bring the fight to you
Saw the murder on YouTube
Of course you guessed, not incited
The party on the hill whites only you not invited
In society I glide over the fire like a pilot
inside of me try and cover stress but the riot
Goes further
Makes me want to find and murder
Every crooked cop, judge, grand jury ever heard of
Line them up blind fold, naked barbed wire
Tease out confessions admit you all liars
Fingernails first then skin then strap them
To the bottom
fill the pool with blood of black men
Watch them cough it up and drink it through the nose
Spread'em out early traffic evenly exposed
The country has secrets
Lies in closets
Bones in the Atlantic, slave owners in your wallet
Assimilate or be ware
you brought me here problem
mistakes not discussed and deny all involvement
Systematic subjugation
Hidden facts with alterations
Promise tomorrow
Another altercation
Another lynch mob modernized and blatant
Badge of honor
He must have been a thug or daemon
I must be dreaming
What solution?
Who's loss is this?
White privilege doesn't require dual consciousness

Verse three, Jah Boogie:

They take the youth before they grow bye bye
And things are out of control why why
And all I see is all them lose bye bye
And all the people say they pay the price
They say we're living in the last time
And all the mamas just cry cry cry
Police brutality is still alive
And none of this I say they can not deny
And even when my hands are all up in the sky
But all I see the youth dem die
You say you never see the law indict
And when you see them all them fry
The white privilege in the plain sight
And those that can't understand my life
And they never understand our strife
And they often disrespect our rights
Just like it's 1955
In this here time you say we must survive
In this economy and in this technology
We're coming from the bottom but my whole team not there


released February 11, 2015
Written by B.Thomas, L. Nguyuza, D. Wainwright
Produced by dumate crew
Mixed by Bradley "DLO" Thomas
Mastered by Reigny Day Productions

Artwork by Jonas Angelet


all rights reserved



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